The Hottest Dateclubs You NEED to be Using

Maybe after a long day of camshows, you need to just unwind with someone, or if you’re just looking for a small dose of fun after the same old, a hookup is what you need. And services like Tinder or Badoo can help hook you up with someone. There’s only one problem: most people using those services aren’t looking for a quick hookup, they want at the very least a short-term relationship. If you’ve tried searching these services for just a hookup, it can be rather difficult, and you might end up going through 10 or 20 different people just to find a potential candidate for a quick datehookup.

Luckily for you, there are a few not-as-well known dateclubs that can help with exactly that, finding yourself a hookup without any hassle of a relationship. Some of them have a bit of a following, some of them are relatively new to the scene, but all of them have great features and at the end of the day, every single one of them works for the task it’s trying to fulfill: finding you a great hookup, quickly and easily. We’ve gone and tried a few of these sites, so we can assure you that they are legitimate, easy to use, and we can vouch for their effectiveness. Let’s get started!

1. Flyrts

Flyrts profile screenshot

Flyrts is one of these newer sites which haven’t really had amazing exposure yet, but during our trial periods, we’ve considered it to be one of the best standing sites right now. On their main page, there’s a short sign-up page and once you’re logged in, you don’t need any other extra information, Flyrts will set you up to begin finding people in your area immediately. Whether you just want to flirt or if you’re looking for someone to spend a night with, Flyrts has many other people in the same boat and are looking for the same thing.

Another great feature with Flyrts is their own messaging system. They can send you updates by phone, so you don’t need to log into your account too often. Just keep it on and let Flyrts handle all the work so you can give yourself some freedom in the world of hookups.

So there’s no need to wait, their sign-up process is quick and painless compared to other sites, so there’s no reason not to try them out!

2. Instant Fuckbook

Instant Fuckbook profiles screenshot

Like mentioned, some of the sites we’re listing here have a bit of a following, or are a bit more popular. InstantFuckbook is one of these sites. During the earlier years of the internet, it was commonplace to see advertisements for InstantFuckbook on all kinds of porn sites, like Redtube or Pornhub, and because it was so common, it quickly became a bit of a meme. Some people named the site a ‘scam’ or said it didn’t work, even though they never actually tried it. And we’ll tell you now: that’s a massive flat-out lie.

InstantFuckbook may have had that reputation because in those earlier years of the internet, many adult websites did have sketchy content. But InstantFuckbook was NOT one of these sites. It’s actually one of the best sites for finding hookups or very casual short-term relationships for the sexual benefits. And because it’s been around for so long and is well known, it’s probably the absolute largest dateclub on the internet right now for finding a hookup. Once you sign up, you’ll be bombarded with all kinds of people looking to hookup. The community is so massive that it’s difficult to even go a day without getting a new message from someone new.

So if you don’t want to spend too much time finding a casual relationship, the InstantFuckbook might be among your best bets. For newcomers to the hookup scene, it’s probably the best site to learn your way around the entire hookup scene. Try them out today, and see why they’re the most popular hookup site right now!

3. FapChat

FapChat registration screenshot

Some of the other sites listed in this guide may be targeted to users looking for hookups but will also have quite a number of people looking for casual relationships. But this site doesn’t even get that far. FapChat doesn’t go beyond its call of duty, using their platform for hookups only.

You want a one-night-stand? You’ll find it here. You want a one-week-stand? You might find it here. You looking for casual dating? Too far. FapChat does it a bit differently, extremely short-term hookups is as far as you’re going to get, and sometimes, that’s all you really need. Just someone to spend a night or two, no strings attached whatsoever.

Or, if you’re a cam model, you can use it to expand your business into trading or even selling nudes. You don’t even have to get out of your room and meet people, just talk to them online, have a quick chat, maybe trade pics, and then never have to see them again unless you want to. FapChat makes everything easy by having no loose-ends, if you don’t want an actual relationship, you won’t find one here.

Because of all of this, FapChat is a really popular platform for people who wants a no-commitment, no-BS solution to their hookup needs. And you can join that community right now if that’s what you’re looking for. FapChat should be the one-stop-shop for your hooking-up needs.

4. SwipeHookup

SwipeHookup screenshot

Like some other sites listed here, SwipeHookup is dedicated to straight-up hookups, without commitment or other third-parties. It does all the hard work of finding people for you to hookup with, it’ll find your location and find you lots of other users near you. The days of travelling relatively long distances to get to your hookup are finally over. You’ll be able to find people locally without hassle.

SwipeHookup is great because of the community surrounding it. It’s not the most well-known site, but it’s definitely up there, and due to its slightly smaller size, people are at a much greater liberty of sharing photos or getting together with someone on the same day that you talk to them. Again, there’s no reason to not use their service, you’ll probably find someone worth your time.

5. Only Hookup

Only Hookup registration screenshot

OnlyHookup is a site that is dedicated to hookups and hookups only. It’s feature rich, having both publicly and privately available content for your profile. Set up video and picture galleries, and find people to talk to. You can choose who gets to access what, and let yourself go with finding someone to hook up with.

OnlyHookup is one of those sites that is popular because it doesn’t require any commitment whatsoever. You can hookup with someone for a night and forget about them the next day. No full relationships need to be made, you can flirt, meet up or sleep with whoever you want, as much as you want, and you don’t have to worry about any consequences like privacy breaches because of their public/private system. It’s one of the best sites out there right now for this kind of stuff, so give them a shot now!

Free Hookup Search locations screenshot

FreeHookupSearch is a site similar to a few here on this list, letting you find hookups with no consequence, and it’s popular because of how big the community is. The site is entirely free to use and has so many people registered that you won’t go long without finding someone to hookup with. You’ll be able to just let yourself run free and find someone new whenever you want, and the site grows very fast too, so you’ll always have someone new. Local hookups are also a pretty big feature on the site, letting you find people in your area, which in turn stops you from travelling a long time for just a night with someone.

FreeHookupSearch is a free service, and has no risk involved, so register today and see what people are always raving about!


This concludes our list. Many of these sites may seem similar at a first glance, but they’re all known for different reasons, and have a variety of different features among them. Try as you might, you’ll have lots of difficulty not finding anyone to hookup with.

These dateclubs are perfect for the adventurer in you, and can really help you find a quick one-night-stand or whatever it is you’re looking for. Leave relationships to the big guys like Tinder. For hookups, these services reign king.


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