The best microphone for camming; Which mic should a cam model buy?

It’s surprising just how many models neglect their audio quality. Why? I couldn’t tell you. Good audio quality is a must have, I suggest you get a good microphone for camming.

If a broadcast has poor audio, whether it’s music blaring down the mic, fans blowing wind through the mic or just overall poor microphone quality it’s an instant turn off for most viewers.


Why a good microphone is important

You’re going to be using your microphone for many things. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing a conversation with your viewers, private chatting with a viewer that loves ASMR or just doing a normal show or video recording you’re going to be using your microphone.

There’s 4 fundamental pieces of equipment a successful cam model will need to be able to do her job. A computer to broadcast with, Internet so they can go live, a webcam and of course a microphone.

Those 4 things I just mentioned will be used 100% of the time while camming, or should be. So why not invest in the equipment you need so that you can get ahead of the competition?

Budget microphones for cam models

CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

Good quality microphones don’t come cheap. However this CAD U37 microphone is good enough to provide higher quality audio than the average cam model.

The CAD U37 is a usb Studio mic available on a budget. If you have $50 or so available you should definitely pic this up. It’s a great starting point and you may not even need to upgrade as Audio equipment doesn’t improve that quickly.

Advantages Disadvantages
10ft Cable Sensitive to Plosives (“Puh” sounding words)
Plug & Play Not the crispest microphone available
Incredibly cheap

Samson Meteor Mic - USB Studio Recording Microphone

The Samson Meteor mic is another cheap budget microphone that I recommend for camgirls. It’s one that I own personally and really love the sound of.

This is one for the travelling cam models. The Samson Meteor mic offers studio quality audio while being incredibly portable. You’ll receive the microphone, a usb cable and a small velvet bag which allows you to take it absolutely anywhere you want. The legs are fold-able and when folded it’s like a small bullet that you could fit in your pocket.

Samson have done a great job on this one, it’s one of the better budget microphones for camming.

Advantages Disadvantages
Highly portable Sensitive to Plosives (“Puh” sounding words)
Plug & Play Short Cable you’ll not be able to move around
Robust & Sturdy

Blue Microphones Snowball ICE Microphone

Blue is a company well known for their microphones. They’re particularly popular among other online broadcasters. There’s no reason why cam models can’t use them either.

The snowball comes with 3 different modes, “Cardioid Mode, Cardioid Mode with -10 dB PAD & Omnidirectional mode.” You’ll have to play around with the settings if are to buy this mic however it’s definitely worth a pick up.

Sound quality is that of a cheaper studio microphone. While it’s still going to be better than most of the other models audio, you can do better. It is however a great starter microphone for camming on a budget.

Advantages Disadvantages
3 Different pattern modes Tripod stand can be flimsy
Designed to last a lifetime Audio quality is best when up close
High quality usb cable

Midrange microphones for cam models

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

The AT2020 is the first of many midrange microphones that I recommend. It’s extremely robust for a microphone weighing 350grams.

Despite the fact it’s still considerably low priced for a microphone the AT2020 delivers great audio quality.

The normal AT2020 is an XLR mic which requires a completely different setup and will cost you money to buy the analogue converter. So we’ve gone for the USB option which costs a little extra however is very easy to set up.

Advantages Disadvantages
10ft Cable Poorly made microphone stand
Plug & Play Paying extra for the USB version
Mix Control & Audio Control

Blue Yeti Microphone

Another microphone from blue makes the list. This time it’s the Blue “Yeti” and it’s more professional than it’s little brother the “snowball”.

The Yeti comes with a multitude of customisation options. You’ll find 3 different capsules “Condenser, pressure & gradient” as well as 4 different polar patterns “Cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo”.

There’s no doubt that you’ll have to play around with this microphone to find the best settings before going live. However the fact that it’s USB Plug & Play keeps it simple enough to use without having to read in-depth instructions or guides.

Sound quality is great and the build quality is too. There’s no doubt if you were to pick up this mic right now, despite it being big investment that you’ll have it for a long, long time. Maybe even your whole camming career.

Advantages Disadvantages
3 Different capsules Some have reported that they have received faulty microphones (you get a 2 year warranty though)
4 Polar Pattern modes
Very expensive build quality

Endrange microphones for cam models

Blue Yeti Pro USB Condensor Microphone

The Blue Yeti Pro is a super microphone build for great sound quality within the home stuido. This will massively improve your audio quality however it does come at a price.

Like the cheaper yeti, the yeti pro comes with 3 different capsules and 4 different polar patterns for recording. It also looks incredibly similar so what’s the upgrade that makes this microphone worth so much more?

The major difference however is that the pro has an integrated sound card that will allow you to record and broadcast in resolutions as high as 192kHz at 24 bit while the normal yeti is more modest with a maximum of 48kHz at 16 bit.

Should you go out an buy this microphone without a second thought as a new model? Of course not. As you grow and earn more money you’ll find yourself with the budget to upgrade. If you already have a quality microphone don’t go changing your setup.

Advantages Disadvantages
192 kHz audio resolution Very expensive
Plug & Play Plastic buttons
Very expensive build quality

What are plosives?

Denoting a consonant that is produced by stopping the airflow using the lips, teeth, or palate, followed by a sudden release of air.

When recording or broadcasting you will find that your microphone picks these up particularly loud and may cause audio clipping. You cannot change the way you speak to avoid this happening. There is a very simple fix though, don’t worry.

How to stop plosives

There’s a couple of ways you can minimise plosives. You cannot get rid of them completely however using these methods you’ll be able to lessen them to be more comfortable on the ears of your viewers.

The Free Methods

  1. Simply move away from your microphone. The air blast that you create when saying these words will be considerably less. Depending on which microphone you have or buy, this may or may not be a viable option as moving farther away may quieten your voice.
  2. Don’t necessarily move the mic farther away. Instead move it out the way of your sight. This way you’ll not be directly breathing or talking in its path. Meaning any air balls that may come out will not be headed straight into the microphone.

Pop Filters & Foam Windshields

  1. A pop filter is a piece of nylon stretched over a plastic ring that will act as a sort of windbreak. Sometimes it’s multiple layers of nylon. These can be picked up fairly cheap from Amazon or ebay.
  2. Foam windshields are pretty similar too. It’s a piece of foam that you slip over the microphone head and will soften air bursts and breathing noises.

If you’re looking to keep it free, you will be able to use a sock for now. It’s not a great solution however it does work slightly.


Again, there is no microphone in the world that is “the best” for camming. That being said you cannot go wrong if you buy any of these. The audio standard for cam models is unfortunately very low.

You will have to play around and learn your microphone to get the best out of it. If you invest your time into learning your technology you’ll find that increased stream quality will get you more tips and private shows. Don’t be scared to spend that little bit of money to increase your audio, however don’t be silly and buy what you can’t afford.


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