All about cheating: is it worth it?

You’re dead set on getting into the cam model industry. You’ve got a webcam, computer, a room and everything else you wanted, except after talking it over with your partner, they either dismissed it, disapproved of it, or dismissed your request when you asked for them to join in on air.

So now what? You’re probably eyeballing cheating or adultery as an option.

And maybe it seems to be a good option. You’ll be able to have someone else join you live on the scene, or you’ll ditch the person you’re with just to help you get away with this. It doesn’t sound like too bad of an option, but you definitely have other options than just cheating, and you shouldn’t dash to the extreme.

The foresight

Let’s look at what can happen in the future.

Let’s say you find someone else, behind your partner’s back, who is willing to join you or support you in your camming endeavors. That’s great, but what about your current partner? You probably have some feelings left for them, because why else are you staying with them? Would you really want them to find out and break their heart?

If you do manage to get away with it and your partner doesn’t find out, would you end up breaking off the relationship with your partner or the person you’re cheating with? Most of the time, it would be your partner, because you end up losing whatever little feeling you had left for them.

If you don’t get away with it, your partner finds out and your relationships collapse, it gets really messy. In the worst case scenarios, the other parties might try to get revenge, or maybe get courts involved if you own a joint bank account.

In any case, these can both only result in negative outcomes, and should be avoided. If you really find someone else who is willing to support you in your endeavors, think about the options yourself. It may be easier to simply break up with your partner than trying to keep up in the cheating game.

Finding other options

Like we said, there are more options available instead of jumping to the extreme of cheating.

There might be a number of reasons why you want to cheat. Maybe you aren’t feeling fulfilled in your relationship, maybe it’s because your partner doesn’t want you to sell yourself online.

The best thing to do in these situations is simply talk to them. They are people too, and they have their own reasons for doing the things they do. If you take the time to understand why they think the way they do, you’ll probably think differently about the problem yourself. In most cases, after talking to your partner about any problems you’re facing, you can start to come up with ways to work on fixing them. And this is a much better alternative to cheating.


Based on the material we have covered, you can probably figure out that cheating on your partner is generally a bad thing and will usually only result in some sort of negative outcome. If you want to find another partner, then do so, but it’s better to just break up early on rather than dealing with the mess it creates later through cheating and infidelity.


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