14 Reasons you shouldn’t become a cam model

When talking about the benefits of a cam model, it’s very easy to be sucked into believing it’s a great job. It may be, however there is a number of reasons why becoming a cam model may not be what you want to do. Not only that but the sites over-selling and encouraging you to become a cam model will be making money off of your sign up using affiliate links.

DONT take this article as something telling you not to sign up and broadcast for others. It’s just an article telling you about negative things that could happen while online. However some of these points may be the deciding factor when choosing your next career.

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1. You’re a slut, you’re easy and have no shame

This is not the case. Though it’s something that when people find out what you do for a living may say. Don’t be ashamed in anyway of what you do, just keep peoples reactions in mind when choosing to “come out”.

All genders will experience this. The insults will vary between sex though.

2. The road to success is incredibly long, slow and not guaranteed

Don’t quit your day job. Or if you do, minimise risks. Make sure you have savings or something 100% that you can fall back on. There’s no issue with keeping it as a side hustle and hoping it maybe turns into more.

3. The taxman still comes around

Cam sites are not classed as employers and don’t take taxes out of your paycheck. You’ll be self-employed and providing you hit your requirements, you’ll be paying your own taxes each and every year.

4. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Especially not money

Especially in the beginning when you’re just starting out it’s fairly common that you’ll go without earning much money at all. Unless you’re incredibly attractive with a very good quality broadcast or somehow become popular overnight it’s very likely your earnings will be low, if not zero.

This is why I suggest getting a good PC which will allow you to multi-task or get another hobby that you can do while camming. Whichever you choose, make sure it doesn’t distract you from your broadcast. You still need to be engaging.

5. You’ll not always feel like going live

Like any other job you’ll struggle with motivation and you’ll have to kick yourself in the backside to go live (especially if viewer numbers and earnings are low). You may also go live with your heart not in it which may lead to a boring and low energy show.

On these days you’ll have to find something to get you in the mood or find another income source that will tide you over.

6. Cam Shows do get archived

It’s very possible that there will be footage stuck on the internet you can’t remove. If you’re not comfortable with this idea, it’s probably a hard no for you. You should start camming with the mindset that it’s going to happen.

Remember it can affect your future employment prospects. Keep your personal name away from cam and all of your adult related accounts when possible.

7. People can be creepy, have weird fetishes or be just plain mean

While most people broadcasting your cam will be attracted to you in someway, you can get ta fair share of internet trolls.

Customers will have weird fetishes, you can simply say no to their requests. That is not a problem however, if you’re offended by people asking you to try things then this job isn’t for you.

Whatever happens brush it off and move on.

8. The Adult Industry comes with its stigmas

People don’t often go against the grain at the best of the times. Now imagine being apart of a religious family or more conservative family and telling them what you do for work, it’s going to be hard.

Not only that but depending on your friend groups, you may have to find new friends.

9. Scams are incredibly common

While I’ll go into more depth in another article, scams are incredibly common. Some will be as simple as people asking you to “interview” by “performing” for them. Others will promise you things such as guaranteeing income.

Relationship between male and female

10. Put relationships to the back of your mind

I’m not saying it’s impossible for you to either continue or start a new relationship while being a cam model, it’s just that it will be a lot harder.

Making friendships may also be incredibly hard if you’re upfront about your employment. That being said, you’ll make online friends that may translate into real life.

11. Noise complaints

Ideally you’d have thick walls or live in a detached house. I probably don’t need to point out the obvious but there’s potential for you as a performer to be incredibly noisy.

It may be hard for you to rent an apartment or stay in that apartment if you’re on the noisy side.

12. Customers finding you in real life

This can be both a positive and a negative. There’s nothing wrong with a fan coming up to you and saying how great your shows are and asking for a photo or something along those lines.

However due to your career and certain peoples trains of thoughts this can be a horrible experience too. You can block certain countries from viewing your cam though.

13. Doxing, Swatting & Pizzas

This is very uncommon in the camming community however it is a slight possibility. It’s very possible that people will discover your real name in one way or another, especially if you start becoming successful.

It’s what they do with that information that may hurt you. Best case scenario is that they forget the information and move on.

14. Being a cam model may damage your health

May being the key word. If you exclude yourself from real life social activities because of the new hobby or job, work unsocial hours or have a lot depending on the outcome of your cam career it’s very possible you could slip into depression or other mental illnesses.


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